REBEL Glory Announcement August 15, 2015 03:19


It is with great excitement that I get to announce the launch of REBEL Glory apparel brand.  It's official!  It's been a dream of mine to create an apparel brand.  And now it is here.

Why REBEL Glory? Well, there is a rebel inside all of us.  Why be sheep?  Why be "followers"?  Be your own person.  Set your own path.  Be unique.  Be your own individual within your own team of greatness.  Focus on your dreams and stand for what you believe in.  REBEL Glory is about motivation and inspiration.  This adventure will challenge you to be loyal to your heart.

Work hard to leave your own legacy.  Have a dream and use your desire and passion to build it.

And now with desire, dedication, and no sleep I share with you my passion.  I hope you enjoy this brand as much as we do.  I invite you to take this journey with us.