About Us

I  am a husband and a father with a dream of building my own apparel brand.  My wife and I graduated from the same High School, Lee High School, Midland, Texas.  We took separate directions after graduation and then reconnected 18 years later.  We blended our two families together to make seven.  I work a full time job, attend Taekwondo with my two boys and I burn late night hours and weekends creating and designing the REBEL Glory brand.  And I love working out!  I have completed a few workout programs including  21 Day Fix, P90X, and Body Beast.  With all that my wife and I have to juggle between our full time jobs and our home--kids, meals, dishes, laundry--we believe that marriage and family are our priority.

REBEL Glory has taken great pride and honor to bring you apparel that means a lot to us.   This is a small start up business with big dreams.  AND this is the beginning of a great adventure.  I have taken time and consideration in each design.  I have contemplated each product very carefully.  Styles, colors and comfort are important to me.  I believe in quality over quantity.  Each design is different and unique.  You might find small imperfections, but that just proves each design and piece is unique.

I hope that you enjoy these items as much as we do.  Thank you for your support of this brand.  And thank you for following our journey.  Stay tuned and follow us on our social media for new releases.