2017 BE THE LIGHT PROJECT February 11, 2017 08:14

REBEL Glory is announcing its Second Annual Be The Light Project for Autism Awareness month in April.  This is an awesome opportunity to being part of supporting others that are not like us.  Those that have been identified on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (approximately 1 in 68 children) face unique challenges everyday.  The ranges of everyday challenges are widespread and range from needing assistance to doing the simplest task to fully functional.  Everyone is unique and that includes anyone on the Autism Spectrum.

I hope everyone will be part of this project.  Like, Share and spread the word.  A portion of the proceeds of the sale will go to Autism Speaks organization.  (Last year we were decided to give 100% proceeds to Autism Speaks.)  This organization assists special needs persons on the spectrum and their families.

This is item is available only for a limited time!  Pre-order opens today and ends MARCH 4, 2017.  After 3 weeks, orders will close until all orders are filled.

Autism Awareness Day is April 2.  PLEASE spread the word.

BE THE LIGHT PROJECT February 5, 2016 01:37

REBEL Glory is announcing the Be The Light Project for Autism Awareness month in April. Part of being a responsible citizen is helping and lifting up others. Children with special needs face daily challenges that you and I typically take for granted. Speaking to others, asking for help, playing with friends or even dressing yourself are daily challenges for individuals on the Autism spectrum. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1 in 68 children are placed on the autism spectrum. Thousand of families face unique challenges in order to provide necessary services to assist in daily, weekly, and monthly activities/therapies. There are a handful of organizations that strive to help children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing services for those individuals with special needs and their families.

I am urging all of you to be part of this project. Spread the word. A portion of the proceeds of the sale will go to Autism Speaks an organization that assists those identified on the autism spectrum and their families.

For a limited time you may pre-order this Autism Awareness shirt by REBEL Glory.  The pre-order period will be open for 2 weeks (14 days).  After 2 weeks order will close until all order are fulfilled.  The pre-order window ends on FEBRUARY 18, 2016.

 You will want this shirt for April 2nd World Autism Awareness Day. Help us make an impact.



Initial Release 8/20/2015 August 20, 2015 00:05

Welcolme to REBEL Glory!

REBEL Glory is an American apparel brand that promotes individuality and inspiration.  We invite you into our world of adventure and excitement through this brand.  Take this journey with us.

These items are more than just a TShirt or hat.  This brand is a challenge to dream big and then go out and build it in your own unique way.  Going with the "flow" and being a "follower" will not get you to the success you wish to achieve.  This is about a journey of action and doing.

Thank you for your interest in REBEL Glory.  We might not have any items that you are interested in.  Then again we might be releasing new items soon that might catch your eye.  Follow us on social media and find out.  Stay tuned.  

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REBEL Glory Announcement August 15, 2015 03:19


It is with great excitement that I get to announce the launch of REBEL Glory apparel brand.  It's official!  It's been a dream of mine to create an apparel brand.  And now it is here.

Why REBEL Glory? Well, there is a rebel inside all of us.  Why be sheep?  Why be "followers"?  Be your own person.  Set your own path.  Be unique.  Be your own individual within your own team of greatness.  Focus on your dreams and stand for what you believe in.  REBEL Glory is about motivation and inspiration.  This adventure will challenge you to be loyal to your heart.

Work hard to leave your own legacy.  Have a dream and use your desire and passion to build it.

And now with desire, dedication, and no sleep I share with you my passion.  I hope you enjoy this brand as much as we do.  I invite you to take this journey with us.