2017 BE THE LIGHT PROJECT February 11, 2017 08:14

REBEL Glory is announcing its Second Annual Be The Light Project for Autism Awareness month in April.  This is an awesome opportunity to being part of supporting others that are not like us.  Those that have been identified on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (approximately 1 in 68 children) face unique challenges everyday.  The ranges of everyday challenges are widespread and range from needing assistance to doing the simplest task to fully functional.  Everyone is unique and that includes anyone on the Autism Spectrum.

I hope everyone will be part of this project.  Like, Share and spread the word.  A portion of the proceeds of the sale will go to Autism Speaks organization.  (Last year we were decided to give 100% proceeds to Autism Speaks.)  This organization assists special needs persons on the spectrum and their families.

This is item is available only for a limited time!  Pre-order opens today and ends MARCH 4, 2017.  After 3 weeks, orders will close until all orders are filled.

Autism Awareness Day is April 2.  PLEASE spread the word.